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Jones County Baptist Association is a fellowship of churches and church planters in and around the Laurel, MS area. Please refer to the following list to get more information about each specific member church or affiliate group:

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 10 Bill Windham Rd
 Heidelberg, MS 39439
 Phone: 601-428-7167
 Contact: Bro. Wayne Johnson
Staff Information:  Wayne Johnson- Pastor
 838 Reid Rd
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-428-4462
 Website: http://www.bbclaurel.com/
Bethlehem Baptist
Staff Information:  Dr. Cary G. Kimbrell, Ph.D. - Senior Pastor Gerald Henderson - Associate Pastor Keith Davis - Worship Leader
Center Pointe
 Main St Ellisville
 Ellisville, MS 39437
Staff Information:  Robby Webb- Senior Pastor
 863 Hebron Centerville Rd
 Soso, MS 39480
 Phone: 601-763-6500
 Contact: Bro. Jimmy Hood
Staff Information:  Jimmy Hood, Pastor Ryan Carter, Minister Of Music Rich Gray, Interim Youth Minister
County Line
 3765 Hwy. 29 South
 Ovett, MS 39464
 Phone: 601-344-3098
 Contact: Matt Martin
 Website: http://www.clbcovett.com
Staff Information:  Matthew Martin-Senior Pastor Bobbie Smith - Music Director Margaret Grantham - Organist Joyce Sanders - Pianist Vicki Tisdale - Assistant Pianist Ann Sparkman - Assistant Pianist
Programs/Ministries:  Sunday • 10:00 AM Sunday School • 11:00 AM Worship • 5:00 PM Discipleship Training • 6:00 PM Worship
The Circle
 111 Ivy Street
 Ellisville, MS 39447
 Phone: 601-470-8058
 Contact: Jonathan Celoria
 E-mail: Chuckceloria@gmail.com
 Website: http://thecircle.cc/
Staff Information:  Jonathan Celoria- Lead Pastor Kevin Price-Worship leader
Programs/Ministries:  The Circle is a new church in Ellisville, MS with a vision for connecting people to God, others, and the world through a life-changing relationship with Jesus.
Additional Information:  We are Currently Meeting at 111 Ivy Street Worship with us @ 5:00pm On Sunday nights(Yes that's right...Sunday Nights) Dress is Casual!
 1618 Hwy 184 East
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-425-2265
 Contact: Rev. Thomas Montgomery
First Baptist Ellisville
 301 East Holly Street
 Ellisville, MS 39437
 Phone: 601-477-3256
 Contact: Dr. Paul Brashier
 Website: http://www.ellisvillesfbc.org
First Baptist Ellisville
Staff Information:  Dr. Paul Brashier, Senior Pastor of Discipleship and Ministry Paul@firstbaptistellisville.com Rev. Robert Fennell, Jr., Associate Pastor of Music, Worship, and Fellowship Robert@firstbaptistellisville.com Mrs. Carolyn Kelley, Executive Educational/Financial Secretary Carolyn@firstbaptistellisville.com
Programs/Ministries:  Sunday 8:00 A.M. – Morning Worship 9:15 A.M. – Sunday School 10:30 A.M. – Morning Worship 5:15 P.M. – Discipleship Training 6:00 P.M. – Evening Worship Wednesday 5:00 P.M. - Fellowship Meal 6:00 P.M. – Midweek Prayer and Praise
 P.O. Box 2302
 Laurel, MS 39442
 Phone: 601-649-8880
 Contact: Bro. Sean Piper
Staff Information:  Bro. Sean Piper
 942 Moselle Seminary Rd
 Moselle, MS 39459
 Phone: 601-752-6366
 Contact: Rev. Brad Brownlee
 E-mail: fairfield@bayspringstel.net
Staff Information:  Bro. Brad Brownlee, Pastor
Programs/Ministries:  Fairfield Services Sundays 9:00 a.m. Sunday School 10:00 a.m. Morning Worship 6:30 p.m. Evening Worship Wednesdays 5:45 Awana (Children's Ministry)Sept. - May 7:00 p.m. Prayer Meeting 7:00 p.m. Youth Bible Study
 3325 Ovett Moselle Road
 Ovett, MS 39464
 Contact: Bro. Thomas Cochran
Staff Information:  Thomas Cochran - Pastor
 1069 Ovett Moselle Road
 Ellisville, MS 39437
 Phone: 601-545-1737
 Contact: Bro. Henry Freeman
 E-mail: fellowship_ellisville@yahoo.com
According to the Bible, true fellowship has everything to do with Christ>
Staff Information:  Bro. Henry Freeman .. Pastor Devon Sellers .. music director Stephanie Dungan.. secretary
 971 Freedom Rd
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-428-1955
 Contact: Bro. Tommy Davis
 E-mail: freedombaptis958@bellsouth.net
 Website: http://www.freedombc.com
Staff Information:  Tommy Davis - Pastor
 2296 Hwy. 29 S
 Ellisville, MS 39437
 Phone: 601-477-3706
 Contact: Rev.. Johnny Bryant
Staff Information:  Johnny Bryant - Pastor
 72 Triangle DR
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-649-4246
 Contact: Bro. Ken Harrison
 Website: http://www.gladebaptistchurch.com
Staff Information:  Pastor: Ken Harrison Youth Minister/Associate Pastor: Bob Taylor
 62 Big Richardson Rd
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-425-1976
 Contact: Rev. Martin Smith
Staff Information:  Martin Smith - Pastor
 3213 Ellisville Boulevard
 Laurel, MS 39440
 Phone: 601-428-5197
 Contact: Bro. Hiram Eaves
The Christ in me greets the Christ in others.
Staff Information:  Hiram Eaves - Pastor
 16 Hebron Church Rd
 Soso, MS 39480
 Phone: 601-763-3251
 Contact: Rev. Josh Wootton
 Website: http://www.hebronbc.net
Staff Information:  Pastor: Rev. Josh Wootton
Heritage Heights
 4140 Hwy 15 N.
 Laurel, MS 39440
 Phone: 601-428-0416
 Fax: 601-428-0417
 Contact: Dr. Ken Regan
 Website: http://www.hhbclife.com
Staff Information:  Ken Regan - Pastor
 2513 North 7th Ave
 Laurel, MS 39440
 Phone: 601-428-8493
 Contact: Bro. Gene Douglas
 Website: http://www.highlandchurch.net
Staff Information:  Gene Douglas - Pastor
 48 Clairmont Circle
 Laurel, MS 39440
 Contact: Bro. Ron Smith
Staff Information:  Ron Smith - Pastor
Houston Road
 217 Houston Rd
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-649-4349
 Contact: Rev. Coy Rice
 Website: http://www.sermon.net/hrbclaurel
Staff Information:  Pastor: Rev. Coy Rice
Additional Information:  The 1st Tuesday of every month Houston Road has a FREE Working Mans Lunch from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to attend and bring a friend that needs a blessing from God's Word!
Indian Springs
 500 Indian Springs Church Rd
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-428-1279
 Fax: 601-428-5563
 Contact: Bro. Richard Clark
 Website: http://indianspringsbaptistchurch.org/
Staff Information:  Richard Clark - Pastor Steven Mansell -Youth Minister Margie Thames-Church Secretary
 130 Northeast Drive
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-342-2306
 Contact: Bro. Robby Johnson
 E-mail: journeychurch@journeylaurel.com
 Website: http://journeylaurel.com
Staff Information:  Robby Johnson- Senior Pastor Andy Pittman- Youth Minister Bonita Adams-Certified Ministry Assistant
First Baptist Laurel
 607 West 5th Street
 Laurel, MS 3944
 Phone: 601-649-5710
 Contact: Dr. Randy Turner
 Website: http://www.fbclaurel.org
Lowery Creek
 3862 Monroe Road
 Seminary, MS 39479
 Phone: 601-752-5510
 Contact: Rev. Jonathan Celoria
 Website: http://www.lowerycreekbaptistchurch.org
Staff Information:  Pastor: Rev. Jonathan Celoria
 1040 Wansley Road
 Laurel, MS 39440
 Phone: 601-649-5660
 Contact: Dr. Billy Dowdy
Staff Information:  Pastor: Dr. Billy Dowdy
Moselle Memorial
 P.O. Box 220
 Moselle, MS 39459
 Phone: 601.584.9905
 Fax: 601.582.8699
 Contact: Dr. Keith Thompson
 E-mail: susan@mosellememorial.com
 Website: http://www.mosellememorial.com
Staff Information:  Dr. Keith M Thompson:[emergency contact number 601.520.3128] keith@mosellememorial.com Greg Smith, Minister of Music, greg@mosellememorial.com Stephen Taylor, Minister to Students/Education: blake@mosellememorial.com Susan Thompson: Church Secretary: susan@mosellememorial.com
Additional Information:  We are a small community church with a big heart that seeks to serve God by giving of ourselves. Our church is preparing to meet the challenges of twenty-first century ministry. Please take a few minutes to learn more about us and our ministry opportunities. As always we want to invite you to visit with us whenever possible.
First Baptist Myrick
 1593 Mill Creek Rd
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-425-1037
Staff Information:  Interim Pastor: Rev. Sam Simpson
New Hope
 654 New Hope Rd.
 Ellisville, MS 39437
 Phone: 601-477-3881
 Contact: Rev. Jerry Stroo
Staff Information:  Jerry Stroo - Pastor
Oakland Grove
 2459 Pleasant Grove Rd
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-428-8009
 Contact: Corey Vermilyea
Staff Information:  Corey Vermilyea- Pastor
Open Door
 P. O. Box 93
 Soso, MS 39480
 Phone: 601-649-4622
 Contact: James Walker
Staff Information:  James Walker - Pastor
First Baptist Ovett
 P. O. Box 262
 Ovett, MS 39464
 Phone: 601-344-0803
 Contact: Rev. Steve Kelly
Staff Information:  Rev. Steve Kelly - Pastor
Park Haven
 3110 Hwy 15 north
 Laurel, MS 39440
 Phone: 601-425-2150
 Contact: Bro. Tom Cheeks
Staff Information:  Tom Cheeks - Pastor
Pathway Community Church
 15 Lawn Haven Church Rd
 Laurel, MS 39440
 Phone: 601-428-8940
 Contact: Rev. Chris Hodge
 Website: http://pathwaylaurel.org
Pathway Community Church
Staff Information:  Rev. Chris Hodge - Pastor
First Baptist Church Pecan Grove
 733 Pecan Grove Rd
 Ellisville, MS 39437
 Phone: 601-477-8371
 Contact: Rev. John Cockrell
Staff Information:  Rev. John Cockrell- Pastor
Pine Grove
 729 Hwy 590
 Ellisville, MS 39437
 Phone: 601-752-6925
 Contact: Bro. Greg Gavin
Staff Information:  Dr. Greg Gavin - Pastor
 291 Magnolia Rd
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-649-7325
 Contact: Rev. Tim Nelson
Staff Information:  Rev. Tim Nelson- Pastor
 1133 Hwy 15 North
 Laurel, MS 39440
 Phone: 601-426-6505
Pleasant Home
 386 Matthews Rd
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-729-2230
 Contact: Rev. Eric Bean
Staff Information:  Pastor: Rev. Eric Bean
Salem Heights
 5850 Highway 84 W
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-763-7571
 Contact: Rev. D.J. Benson
 Website: http://www.salemheights.org
Sand Hill
 69 Sand Hill Church Rd
 Ellisville, MS 39437
 Phone: 601-769-6045
 Contact: Rev. James Blankenship
Staff Information:  James Blankenship- Pastor Worship/Youth Lead - Micah Husser
 P.O. Box 440
 Sandersville, MS 39477
 Phone: 601) 428-7845
 Contact: Rev. Tim Sanford
Staff Information:  Pastor: Tim Sanford
First Baptist Sharon
 4375 Sharon Rd
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-428-5319
 Website: http://webmaster@firstsharon.com
Staff Information:  Interim Pastor: Rev. Dan Watts
 2258 Monroe Rd
 Moselle, MS 39459
 Phone: 601-582-8925
 Contact: Rev. Charles Brady
Staff Information:  Pastor: Charles Brady
First Baptist Soso
 271 Frosty Hinton Road
 Soso, MS 39480
 Phone: 601-729-8805
 Contact: Dr. Jim Taylor
Staff Information:  Pastor: Dr. Jim Taylor
 80 SCR 28-4
 Taylorsville, MS 39168
 Phone: 601-729-2505
 Contact: Bro. Eric Estes
 Website: http://www.summerlandbc.org
Staff Information:  Pastor: Eric Estes Music Director: Sally Wooten Minister of Students: Russ Freeman Ministry Assistant: Jessica Hankins
 331 Shady Grove Moss Road
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-426-6749
 Contact: Rev. David Clark
Staff Information:  Pastor: David Clark
 35 Trinity Rd
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-425-4276
 Contact: Rev. Bill Blair
Staff Information:  Rev. Bill Blair - Pastor
Tuckers Crossing
 2054 Tuckers Crossing Rd
 Laurel, MS 39443
 Phone: 601-428-1261
 Contact: Rev. Eddie Bryant
Staff Information:  Pastor: Eddie Bryant Music Minister: Lorie Tanner Youth Ministry: Derek Fretwell
 P.O. Box 156
 Moselle, MS 39459
 Phone: 601-583-3905
 Fax: 601-583-3016
 Contact: Rev. Garry Edwards
Staff Information:  Rev. Garry Edwards- Pastor
West Ellisville Baptist Church
 Ellisville, MS 39437
 Phone: 601-477-9333
 Contact: Rev. Jerry East
 E-mail: info@westellisville.org
 Website: http://westellisville.org
West Ellisville Baptist Church
Staff Information:  Pastor: Rev. Jerry East Minister of Music: Rev. Brad Griffin
West Laurel Baptist Church
 1400 West 5th Street
 Laurel, MS 39440
 Phone: 601-649-1552
 Fax: 601-649-1557
 Contact: Rev. Brandon Powell
 Website: http://www.westlaurelbaptistchurch.org/
West Laurel Baptist Church
Staff Information:  Rev. Brandon Powell- Pastor Allen Hill, Minister of Music

Information above may have changed over time. Please contact the listed contact person to get the most accurate information. Thank you.