First Baptist Church

Camp--Camp—Camp Ah….Church Camp. Think of the memories you have of church camp. Some wonderful; some, at the time not-so-wonderful, but now you either laugh about them or brag how you endured them. But wonderful memories nevertheless. The most wonderful thing about church camp is that so many find Christ as their personal Savior there. Thank you for praying for Centri-Kids this week; remember to pray for our Youth next week.

Family Night God instituted the family as the basic foundation of society. As the family goes, so goes society and the nation. Family time, a time free from distractions where the family talks and interacts and bonds is so important yet becoming so rare. Dad watches TV, Mom reads, the kids are on electronic devices—they might be together in the house but that’s not building relationship, that’s not family time. I hope you spend true, quality “family time” together this Sunday night.

July 27 will be Youth Night at FBC.

August 3 – Q&A Time Sunday night August 3rd will be a time of Questions and Answers. If you have a question about Scripture, please write it down and submit it to the office soon. Give us time to research so that evening it can be answered. So far, only one question has been turned in. It can be in informative and interesting evening.

Thanks to those who went visiting last Sunday evening. As we go (Matt. 28:19) God will bless us and our obedience. And in Matthew 22:9 Jesus said go out into the streets and roads and invite people to come in. That’s what visitation is—inviting them to come. We invite; their response is between them and God. But when we do what God asks—He blesses. Let’s be busy inviting people! Outdoor Extravaganza We have six (6) tickets for sale to this event on September 6. They are $35.00 a ticket and can be purchased at the church office.

Student Events

Youth need to have a sleeping bag. If anyone needs a what to bring list, they can see me for that list if they haven’t gotten one. The youth will be stopping off at the Duck Commander warehouse on the way to camp. Send $10 extra dollars and we will eat lunch there in Monroe. Sunday evening of the 20th of July will be family night, the youth will be going to the Chiasson’s house to swim and BBQ. Pray for us as the children are at camp this week at Louisiana College. I will have 1 day home before we leave for Student Life Camp.

Kirsti Plunket will be filling in for me with the youth as we will be gone for camp. Kirsti went with us to Guatemala and works at the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home. She has a lot of missions and ministry experience.

Parents, whether you have teens or younger kids we have dates on the calendar. Be sure to keep up with events that are planned, you don’t want to miss out on being involved.


Sunday, July 20, 2014 9:45 am - Sunday School 11:00 am - Morning Worship 6:00 pm - Family Night Wednesday, July 23, 2014 6:00 p.m. - No Youth due to Student Life Camp 6:00 p.m. - No Prayer Meeting 7:00 p.m. - Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday Night Meal

A meal is served each Wednesday night at 5:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Cost is Children Age 6 and under $3.00, Age 7 through Adult is $4.00. We do have Wednesday night meals during the summer months.

Nursery Worker

FBC has hired a nursery worker. Her name is Ali Bledsoe. She is friendly and will take care of your baby/toddler.


Otho Black Carol Bourn Pat Bourn Delton Brown Charlie Buford Bonnie Burgess Mark Cook Jan Alexander Curran Lewis Daniel Dub Dubberly Kathryn Ferry Helen Forgey Hayden Franklin Hilda Furlow Bo Hickman Billy Kennedy Joe Marlon Lee Arline Lewis Henry C. Maddox Teresa McDaniel Linda Mills Rhonda Moss Jamie Modisette Raine Moody Sallie Reeves David Taylor Charlie Teague Michael Waits Madi Waldron Grady Whitman Debbie Williams Ken Young All of our US Military

July Birthdays

6 Faye Phillips 7 Becky Hicks 7 Frances Hudson 9 Mary Clements 9 Donald Haynes 9 Angela Kennedy 10 Shelby Taylor 13 Logan Childress 14 Ryan Acklin 14 Jacey Corbitt 17 Emma Coleman 19 Justin Michael Childress 19 Brian Bogle 19 Rocky Daniel 21 Alice Williamson 22 Ben Bogle 23 Douglas Jones 24 Mark Furlow 24 Ronny Hicks 26 Betty Fromme