First Baptist Church

How can a vibrant believer lose their joy and intimacy with Jesus? Consider these words of insight and caution from G. Campbell Morgan.

“When you first became a disciple, your days were days of delight and joy, the words and will of the Master thrilled and comforted you, and you walked in His ways with a joy and gladness that filled the days with song. The people you touched in daily life saw the beauty of Jesus in you. Gentle, long-suffering, strong and pure, you incarnated His lessons, and your heart was glad, and other lives were influenced Godward.

All has changed.

Prayer is a duty. The scriptures are dull and burdensome. You have no quick sense of the Lord’s will. Your Christianity has become a restriction through which you would like to break, an encumbrance of which you would fain be rid. These are confessions you never make, but they tell the true inner story of your life.

Now what does this really mean? Just this.

Somewhere back in the past you will find a day when the Teacher gave you some new vision of truth that straightway revealed an opportunity for you to know the glory of that truth in the pathway of obedience. Something to be given up. Something to be done. Some word to be said. You paused, argued, disobeyed. No other lesson has been given, nor can be. Every other depended upon that. That was not final. It was preparatory, and until that is learned by obedience there can be no advancement, and so for weeks, perchance months, aye, even years, you have been a disciple making no progress, and there is no wonder that you are weary of it all.”

There is not a “next step” until the one given is obeyed. With obedience comes joy, excitement, and fulfillment.

Student Events

We will be having a youth committee meeting Sunday afternoon at 4:00. We need to be looking ahead as to what fundraising we need to plan. We don’t want to burn everyone out on fundraisers, therefore I would like to plan one big one. We have 2 concerts coming next week. You know about Winter Jam on Friday March 7th. We need to be leaving the church at 3:30 sharp to have our best chance to get in. It is $10 at the door and there are no reserved seats. As normal, this will be a late night. There will be a concession stand there at Century Link Center. Big Daddy Weave and Group 1 Crew will be in concert in Magnolia at the Columbia Christian school. This will be a reward trip. It is on a Thursday night which is a school night, but if there are any students that can make it I will be taking a group to it. Students will know this week who is able to go. Doors open at 6:00 pm, we will leave the church at 5:30 The next deadline for turning in money for youth camp is March 31st. All attendees need to turn in medical release form and the next $50. Our goal is to reduce the cost of camp to $150 per student through fundraisers. It is currently $250. We know that some students will still need sponsors. If adults are willing to be sponsors please talk to me about it. We are still looking for more adults to go to youth camp. We need a minimum of 2 more. We have several things coming up during spring break week. Make sure you take the opportunity to invite families to participate that might not have a home church. Our family skating day will be a great opportunity for a family to get their first taste of what First Baptist is all about.


Sunday, March 2, 2014 9:45 am - Sunday School 11:00 am - Morning Worship 4:00 pm - Youth Committee Meeting 6:00 pm - Evening Service Wednesday, March 5, 2014 5:30 - 7:00 pm AWANA 6:00 p.m. - Youth 6:00 p.m. - Prayer Meeting 7:00 p.m. - Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday Night Meal

A meal is served each Wednesday night at 5:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Servers for Feb 5 are Carolyn Guinn and Marilyn Morgan. Menu is Meatloaf, Creamed Potatoes, Green Beans, rolls and Dessert. Cost is Children Age 6 and under $3.00, Age 7 through Adult is $4.00. Homebound Meal Deliverer for Feb. 5 is Babs Maddox.

Nursery Worker

FBC has hired a nursery worker. Her name is Tawonia Early. She is friendly and will take care of your baby/toddler.


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Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

FIRMLY PLANTED - ROOTED IN THE GOSPEL 2014 North American Missions Emphasis March 2-9, 2014 Week of Prayer Church Goal - $3,000.00

March Birthdays

1 Bill Stanberry 2 April Childress 2 Jody White 6 Otto Black 6 Winifred Cole 6 Katelyn Ruth Owens 7 Justin Childress 7 John Tomlinson 8 Alice Cale 9 Bo Hickman 11 Eddie Bailey 12 Sean Bailey 17 David Gray 20 Jennifer Franklin 20 Edwin Hollenshead 22 Mike Speer 26 Nevada Watts 27 Cassady Hope Rogers 31 Linda Hollenshead