First Baptist Church

The Pastor Search Committee met with emphasis on Ephesians 1:16-17 from the message: “...I ask the God of our Master, Jesus Christ, the God of glory, to make you intelligent and discerning in knowing what it is He is calling you to do…” The members completed a Pastor Search Survey to obtain a consensus of the group. Now, we want the church members’ input. Therefore, next week we will mail each resident member a copy to complete and mail or bring back to the church office by Wednesday, June 15. We encourage you to let us know the qualifications needed to lead us during these turbulent times. During the next few weeks, several different speakers will be filling the pulpit, so we encourage you to be in prayer for them and be in attendance to support them.

The Pastor Search Committee


I’m planning on having a chicken spaghetti lunch on Sunday, June 5th to help our youth raise money for camp this summer. This will be a donation lunch and will take place immediately after morning worship. Come support our youth as we raise money to go to Fuge in Glorieta, NM this summer! We will be traveling to Glorieta July 8-15, 2016. There’s still time to sign up for children’s camp this summer if you haven’t already! The deadline to sign up is Sunday May 29th. I’ve registered us for children’s camp at Camp Copass in Denton, TX, for July 18th - 22nd. This camp is for children who have completed 3rd - 6th grade. I am also in need of adult volunteers to go with me to children’s camp this summer! The total cost for this camp will be $225.00 per person plus enough spending money for two meals. Also, I want to note a date change for Vacation Bible School. VBS will start on Sunday, June 12th and go through Wednesday,June 15th.


Coming Events:

May 30, 2016 Memorial Day Church Office Closed

June - Sanctuary Choir will not practice

June 12 - Children’s Home Sunday Annual Offering

June 12 - 15 - Vacation Bible School

July 8 - 15 - Youth go to Glorieta, NM

July 18 - 22 - Children’s Camp in Denton, TX

Nursery Worker

We do have a nursery worker (Jodi Clements). She works on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.

Wednesday Night Meal

We do not serve Wednesday night meals during the summer. They will begin again When school starts.


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